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What is this App ?
The Floating Mug™ App is simply the best way to waste 2 minutes of your life. Something to do with augmented reality..........enjoy!


Why did you make it?

 We needed an excuse to tell you that the Floating Mug™ is now available for sale and you can use this app-only code to buy it for yourself or as a gift.


USE COUPON CODE: AppSpecial   (30% off). 

How do I use it?
The app only works when it is tracking a marker. A marker is a shape or pattern that the app recognizes to produce your digital mug. There are 2 ways you can get a marker for this app.


1. You can download and print yourself a copy of the tracker using the following link - Download PDF (from your computer off course.)


2. The fun option (*may not function for all devices). Place a $1 note, face up on the palm of your hand and see if you can get the Floating Mug™ to track correctly.
hint: Hold your phone very still.


Floating Mug App Rendered



What else can I do with this thing?

Well, you can tap the screen to knock it over. Thrilling right!!?

I dont have the app what platform can I download it on?

It's available for Android and iOS devices only, you can download it by clicking either of the links below.

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